brake-photoHalf Price Auto Repair’s ASE Certified Techs are here to solve any brake problems you may be having with your car. One of our featured services is brake repairs and we keep our customers slowing down and stopping as smoothly and as quietly as possible. The earlier you bring your malfunctioning brakes into our repair shop, the quicker we can eliminate any of your braking concerns. There are many signs that your car’s brakes need our attention. Most of them come in the form of a noisy brake pedal when you press it. It’s a toss up between who’s more annoyed by this noise, you or the other people around you. Even if you drowned out the high pitched squeal by turning up your stereo, your brakes will be screaming to everyone else for some attention. That unmistakable squeal is a marker that manufacturers install in your braking system to let you know when it’s time to get your brakes checked out at Half Price Auto Repair.The longer you take to come see us, the more harsh the noise will become. For many drivers the biggest hindrance to early detection and service is a fear of the cost. People would rather endure the faulty brakes until they absolutely have to spend the money. That never ends up saving you money in the in the end. In fact, it usually ends up costing you way more. Some drivers will wait until their brakes are grinding metal against metal before bringing them in for repairs. Your braking system sounds very “angry” at that point from the lack of attention. And as a result, the brakes can fail and take other vehicle parts with it. The simple solution would have been to bring the vehicle to Half Price Auto Repair for some quick and affordable brake maintenance or repairs. By then, the repairs are more costly than you ever expected. Whichever stage of brake maintenance or repairs you are in, we can handle it. Come see us at Half Price Auto Repair for the best quality brake repair or maintenance service.